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wonderfulworlds's Journal

Wonderful Worlds of Disney
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Welcome to wonderfulworlds! This is a community for fans of the Disney parks and corporation! Membership is open!

- If posting pictures and there's more than one please use a lj cut
- Feel free to post about any park!
- Have a cool Disney experience or story? Feel free to share.
- Make sure everything has a source!
- Please put a subject on ever post you make
- Fighting. I tolerate to an extent, but there should be no fighting in this community! This community is about the happiest places on earth. There's nothing to fight about.
- Keep all news posts about the Disney Parks and the Disney corporation. Disney Star related posts should be posted at anythingdiz
- Tag your posts please!
- If you would like to be a affiliate please message on of the mods.
- If there are any problems/questions/concerns please message whateverman or pseudovirus